Our Story

“Terpandros” Ensemble of ancient Greek musical instruments founded by Michalis Georgiou in the year 2000.

The name “Terpandros ” was given in honour of the Lesbian musician of antiquity. The founding of this ensemble is the result of a personal research of Michalis Georgiou, music teacher, researcher and maker of ancient Greek musical instruments. The research is in an advanced stage and is still running. The existence of all these ancient Greek musical instruments allowed the effort of revival and promotion of ancient Greek music.

For the first time in the world this unique ensemble has the ability to use a large number of reconstructed ancient Greek musical instruments.

The objectives of ” Terpandros ‘ are the study, revival and promotion of ancient Greek music and the creative use of the musical elements of antiquity: The reconstructed musical instruments The use of ancient music style in contemporary music composition A longitudinal approach to Greek music from antiquity to our days

To achieve these objectives, “Terpandros” gives lectures and seminars in various Universities, and publishes articles in various scientific journals. The main activity of “Terpandros” derives through the concerts held in Cyprus and abroad. The concerts are not always limited to perform ancient Greek music. Using the ancient Greek instruments (accompanied by traditional or contemporary instruments) can perform selected pieces from the Byzantine secular music, traditional and Modern Greek music as well.

Since its founding in 2000, “Terpandros” Ensemble has already established worldwide through a rich activity with many actions and concerts.