Hermitage State Museum: Michalis Georgiou was invited by Hermitage State Museum in Sent Petersburg on December 2016 to take part for the celebrations for the 250 years of the Museum and the inauguration of three new exhibition halls in the Museum. “Terpandros” gave two concerts in St. Petersburg and one in the town of Novgorod.Michalis Georgiou gave a lecture at St. Petersburg University. Members of “Terpandros “Ensemble” visited Rimsky Korsakov’s Museum for a workshop with kids, concerning the ancient Greek musical instruments.

«Seremetief Palace», St. Petersburg 2015. Preparing for the concert.

At the ancient town of Novgorod, 2015. Preparing for the concert.

“The research on reconstructing the ancient Greek musical instruments”- Michalis Georgiou Lecture at St. Petersburg University, December 2015.

Music Workshop for children at Rimsky Korsakov’s house-Museum.

A preparatory concert by “Terpandros Ensemble”, at “Kasteliotissa” medieval building, before departing for St. Petersburg. 4/12/2015.

“Terpandros Ensemble” in cooperation with the people of Episkopi village organized the 1st Festival of Ancient Greek Music in September 2015.

«Terpandros» Educational Programs. Tutor: Valentina Theocharous.

Lecture by Michalis Georgiou at Cyprus Music therapist Association, 2015.

“Melina Merkoyri Hall: ”The last concert of “Helikon” Ensemble in the year 2009.

The student Ensemble “Helikon” in studio for the recording “HELIKON” CD, 2009.

The ensemble “Helicon” of Palouriotissa Gymnasium meets The Heraclion Music School at a concert in the island of Crete, 2008.

Athens Music Hall – A concert given by the students Ensemble “Helikon” with ancient Greek musical instruments which was awarded the first gold medal of the Pan-Hellenic Music Competition for Secondary Schools in the year 2008.

Students from Gymnasium and Lyceum of Pyrgos Tillyrias village visited Palouriotissa Gymnasium to meet the student ensemble and learn about ancient Greek musical instruments, 2008.

Michalis Georgiou Exhibition of ancient Greek musical instruments. Houses of Cyprus Parliament, 2007.

Concert at Paphos ancient Odeon theatre, 2003.

«Terpandros» at Pan-Hellenic School Dance games at ancient Dion archaeological site, 2003.

Michalis Georgiou Εxhibition of ancient Greek musical instruments at Cathrin and Evagoras Lanitis Centre, 2005.

The Palouriotissa Lyceum ensemble of ancient Greek musical instruments atthe Pan-Hellenic School Music Games at Delphi archaeological site, 2003.

Concert by Palouriotissa Lyceum student- ensemble of ancient Greek musical instruments at Pnika-Acropolis. Arrival of the light from Delphi, 2003.

“Terpandros” concert at Athens University, 2002.

Falcon Amphitheatre Concert: “2500 years of Greek Music – From Homer to Mikis Theodorakis”. One of a series of six concerts held with the participation of “Roes” Dancing Group from Limassol. The objective of these concerts was the return of Parthenon marbles and organized in cooperation with Asgata cultural Corporation. 2001.

Lecture and presentation of ancient Greek musical instrument at Archangelos Gymnasium, 2001.

“Terpandros” concert at Laiki Bank cultural centre, 2001.

Terpandros at Curium Theatre – Photos by the archaeological site of Curium Theatre.

The Palouriotissa students ensemble of ancient greek musical instruments took part at the  Symposium for teaching  ancient Geek language at Holiday Inn, 1999.

George Dalaras-the well known Greek singer, visited Palouriotissa Lyceum to watch the students ensemble on rehearsal, 1999.

Pallouriotissa Lyceum presented the Tragedy “Iphigenia en Aulidi” at Curium theatre. Live music by the ensemble of ancient greek musical instruments of the school, 1999.

The first concert held by Palouriotissa students ensemble of ancient greek musical instruments at PA.SI.D.I. amphitheatre in the year 1999.

The student Ensemble of ancient Greek musical instruments of Palouriotissa Lyceum, 1999.